Boundless Volcanic Beauty

An island born of the power of the earth, an island deeply affected and forever intertwined with the volcano that gifted it its shape, its majestic caldera and colorful coasts, and the spectacular products found nowhere else.

Santorini is an island of wonder, a place unlike the norms, that seems to have popped out of the blue to radiate beauty under the bright Greek sun, a place that invites you to explore it with all senses. Meander through sunkissed whitewashed alleys, swim in crystalline waters, savor tastes of mighty fervor, and discover a rich cultural heritage, all on one tiny island in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Santorini is yours to experience, and it promises a summer holiday made of dreams.

Dare to dream on as you revel in the beauty and the power of the volcanic Santorini.


Sightseeing & Exploring

When in Santorini, a multitude of thrilling things to do invite you to experience the slow-paced yet thrill-filled island way of living. Embark on a private cruise to the colorful beaches around Santorini and the volcano, or take a tour of the medieval kastelia, castle-like cities with breathtaking architecture and a deeply evocative ambience.

Admire the remnants of the past and an immense chunk of history in the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri, buried under the ashes of the volcanic explosion of 1600BC, or the city of Ancient Thera atop Mt. Mesa Vouno, and scour the Santorinian outdoors in search of natural beauty, of mesmerizing sunsets and of snaps to transform moments into beloved memories.

Our top picks for your sightseeing ventures? The Monastery of Prophitis Ilias for its imposing views of the island, Pyrgos village for its quaint charm, the rock of Skaros at Imerovigli at sunset time, and the majestic Vlychada beach for its otherworldly allure, even better when explored on horseback.


Island Living Redefined

The villages of Santorini are enchanting. Each with a history deeply rooted in the turbulent past of the island, they have stood the test of time and stand proud, presenting visitors with a virtual journey back in time, showing all that cross their path how it was, how it felt, how it could be…

Starting from the medieval kastelia villages, built to resemble a fort to protect their residents from pirate attacks, with homes carved in the rock, to shelter from the elements and nest the precious wine harvest. Pyrgos, Akrotiri, Emporio, and Oia are the remaining kastelia of Santorini, whereas villages also worth visiting are Megalochori, for nonchalant strolls in charming, uncrowded alleys, Oia, for its traditional, yet impressively cosmopolitan vibes, Kamari, Perivolos, and Perissa for their lively seafront atmosphere, and of course, the heart of all the action on the island, Fira, Firostefani, and Imerovigli.

You have to explore them all!


Sea, Sky & Everything in Between

Known the world around for their imposing beauty and uniqueness, the beaches of Santorini stand out for their rich colors, their impressive volcanic rock formations, and of course, the crystalline waters of the Aegean Sea.

Aptly named the Red & the White Beach, the most loved shores of Santorini get their names from their brightly colored rocks, with the fairytale-like coves beneath Oia a close second in the hearts of visitors.

The black-sanded beaches of Perivolos, Kamari and Perissa are favorite destinations for their multitude of beach bars and watersports, making for the most comfortable spots to revel in the sun, whereas, for those seeking more secluded waterfront moments, the white cliffs of Vlychada and the warm waters of Coloumbo and Kambia are just what to look for.


The Charm of Revered Tradition

Of all the places in the world one could call beautiful, Oia is definitely at the top. On the northern end of the island, towering over deep-maroon cliffs, Oia is the living embodiment of a place that respects and preserves the past, while looking head-on to the future.

Idyllic whitewashed houses cascade the cliffs towards the sea, gorgeous blue domes reach for the sky’s beauty, traditional simplicity, and charm, and above it all, what Oia is most famous for, the dreamiest, most beautiful sunset in the world!

Oia is a place of its own, a destination for shopping and fine dining, exploring, and relaxing. Here, you can have it all, while immersed in enthralling surroundings of white and blue elegance. Make sure to devote a day to Oia, but make that early during your stay, as you will definitely want to come back for more!